How to Block Websites From Router

If you are having several computing devices in your home to be connected to a network in order to provide these devices with Internet capabilities then you most probably need a router device.

A router device is basically a networking device which facilitates the several computing devices to be connected to one central unit of networking which is the router itself. A router provides the network connection capability to all these connected devices, and it forwards the data packets between all these devices.

The router these days come in many types such as the wireless and the wired router. A wired router connects all the devices to itself as the center unit, using the wired connection such as the optical fiber wire connection, and provides them with the Internet capabilities by allocating the data packets between them.

The other type is the wireless router which doesn’t require the wire to be connected with the other devices.

Since we know that the router ultimately provides the Internet capabilities to all the connected devices, and the router is used at the offices or our home to connect the additional devices to the router and surf the Internet with them.

You can use the full Internet surfing with the other devices that are connected to the router at your home, and the offices but sometimes the situations occur when the users want to restrict or block any particular website from the access by the group of the particular people.

It may happen at the workplace when the organization may put restrictions on several unwanted websites to be accessed by the users due to many reasons. It may also happen at the home when you want to keep certain websites away from your family especially from the children.

Well yes, that is possible with the help of the router you can block any numbers of the websites that you want to keep away from your network.  Below we are providing you the complete guide using which you can block any website from the access

In this regard, first of all, you will need to check that whether the particular website you are going to block is encrypted or not. Since some of the router devices don’t provide the encrypted sites blocking function. If the website is not encrypted then you can block it by using the router built-in tools.

  • You need to open the configuration page of your router by the computer which is connected to the router.
  • You will need to type the address of your specific router by the model of the router.
  • Now enter the login information such as user id and the password for your router. After logging in you will see the URL filtering option or the blocking section feed, or you will see the same settings with some other names in firewall or the security menu.
  • There you will see the blank filed where you can add the domain names of the websites which you want to block.
  • After providing the domain name or the URL address save the settings.
  • At last just reboot, your router and the website blocking changes will take places.

So this is how you can block any website using your router. Now, this particular website won’t be available to access from the devices that are connected to the router, and you will be able to stay away from those unwanted websites.


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