Admin Login, Username, Password Setting

The IP address is a default IP address for the TP-link routers which is used to redirect the users at the login page of the TP-Link router so that the users can log in their account and access the authority of making changes to the default settings of the router.

TP-link is a decent router manufacturing brand which is having a very wide customer base at a global platform. TP-Link routers are known for their best-advanced features at affordable prices.

An IP address is always important due to varieties of the purposes, first of all, an IP address helps in the identification or tracking a device since an IP address is unique, and can be assigned only to one device at a time. Each information systems which is used for the Internet surfing have their own IP address such as the computers, mobiles devices, routers etc.

In the context of the router, the IP address is used as a prompt login option. You can browse the IP address of the router in your search engine which will fetch you to the login page of the router official website.

After reaching at the login page you will be required to provide your login details such as the user id and the password, and once you provide the login details correctly you will be logged in to your TP link router account.

If we talk about the significance of being logged into your TP link user account there is one simple use of being logged into the router account, and that is getting the administrative authority of that router.

Having the administrative authority in your hands you will, first of all, get the using rights of the router, since you can’t use the router services unless you are signed in with your TP link router account.

Secondly you will get the authority to make certain changes in your router device such as you may block certain websites from the network of the router, you may make changes in the WI-FI password of the router, or you may change the login details completely as per your own convenience.

When you buy the TP-Link router and configure the router with the other devices so that you can have the network capabilities with those devices. With the box of the TP link router you will also be provided with the default IP address, and the login details within the router box.

You will get as your default IP address and along with it you will get the login details as Admin for the username, and the Admin/password as the default password. These login details are to be used for the first time login, and after logging in the default password can be changed at anytime.

Keep in mind that the above default IP address of the TP Link router is only meant for the login purpose, which will redirect you directly to the login page. Once you are logged in, the router will be assigned the different IP address for the tracking and the identification purposes.

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